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I was feeling
February 26, 2010, 2:56 am
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I was feeling kind of down after a workday cooped up at home, but then I read these two things and feel like I just drank a shot of clarity and awesome.

1)  This weird and wonderful article on creating your own luck, from the Telegraph circa 2003:


Self-help-y but in the best way.  All about having the clarity and confidence in yourself to notice opportunities — and the trust, instinct and experience to take them.  The best stuff in my life happened to me that way.

2)  Then I read this master class on video production and translation from two recent Narco News Authentic Journalism school grads:


The video profiles the contrast between the Egyptian goverment’s praise of its police force and that force’s record of torture, as well as the struggle against it.  Watch the video but also read the article to learn some hot download and editing tricks, and be wowed by the patience and focus required to edit and produce something effective — in a language you don’t understand.

Off to meet one of the videomakers at a great local bar.  Bye!

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I stumbled on your blog and am thinking you might be somebody I used to know. Are you originally from Rochester NY?

Comment by david

hmm.i liked.

Comment by south park izle

Hey David — yep, am from Rochester. Who are you? Have a great night!

Comment by Hannah Sassaman

nece la bu

Comment by film

Medicine by Rotblatt (2002). There are over 50 scientific journals dedicated to different aspects of herbal medicine research such as studies on isolated constituents in plants, these include publications such as Fitotherpia, Planta Medica, Herbalgram and Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. There are also well established databases on herbs and herbal research such as: The Natural Standard.

Comment by siyah peynir

hımmss ak lamerlerinden rahat yok.

Comment by film

thans you baby 🙂

Comment by kızım nerede

Howdy…any ideas on how to torment Gordon Smith and NAB? I’m pissed off about them taking away community radio….. yet again!

Comment by Max Marbles

thank you very much teperim lan geri kaç 🙂

Comment by muhteşem yüzyıl dizisi


Comment by tampavideoproduction

saol süper gerçekten woww hadi yaaa

Comment by darkorbit oyunu

Creating your own luck is something I am very passionate about. I started my adult life in a teenage homeless hostel and went on to become a successful entrepreneur. A lot of people who did not know me told me I was lucky so I decided if this is what people think is luck then anyone can learn how to be lucky. Now I write and blog about making your own luck.

Comment by mattkinsella

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Comment by barrytrevino79036

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Comment by TatarGorep

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Comment by MichaelvenBrotoky

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