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Collected Resources on Helping Out in New Orleans Now
August 31, 2008, 5:44 pm
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(UPDATE — a few sites seem to be pointing folks this way, so i’m going to keep this post up and add more resources, like an update from the houma nation, to the comments.  keep checking the gustav wiki and brownfemipower, best sites for updates so far.  and i’ll keep posting practical ways to help over the next days, if that’s helpful — hjs)

hey all, hannah sassaman, formerly of prometheus radio project and now of seiu healthcare pennsylvania delurking to talk about the hurricane for a second.

i’m sure that many of you are trying to figure out what you can do to support people who are leaving new orleans and the regions surrounding it.  i’m in touch with a number of folks on the ground collecting money to buy resources to support people who must stay in the city or who are choosing not to leave.

one challenge that has come up is that many residents of the city don’t trust that they can leave, and come back, to their homes.  it took many of them 18 months to two years to get back to their communities.  so there’s an effort underway to raise money in cities outside of NOLA, where many folks are being evacuated to.  organizers on the ground are hoping that with a safety net of money and logistical support, more folks will be able to leave for their safety, while the communities battle hard for the right to return.  that project is still in development, but i’ll write more here when i know where folks are collecting money for that.  write me if you are available for it.

INCITE! women of color against violence is collecting money to bond out prisoners from the new orleans jails — http://brownfemipower.com/archives/2871

jim ellinger, who i worked with in 2003 when a number of us set up a licensed low power FM station with evacuees from the new orleans superdome, is working on communications support for new orleans.   he’s likely overwhelmed, but looking for equipment and funds for ham radio and other two-way radio infrastructure.  if you can help even a bit — or you have contacts with communications experts in the southeast — call him at 512-796-4332 or write him at jimedia@grandecom.net. not sure when he’s driving from austin to NOLA.

andy carvin is setting up an online resources page for volunteers hoping to help from afar — http://www.andycarvin.com/ — including the gustav information center — http://gustav08.ning.com/

and common ground relief — with many more resources than they had when katrina came through — is looking for donations to support their search-and-rescue work and immediate support work after the storm — as well as the work they are doing to help folks get out of the city right now — http://www.commongroundrelief.org/ .

any other news/links to share?  i’d really like to know how folks in houma are doing.  the houma nation, which applied for a community radio station, is right in the path of the storm.