Hannah Sassaman — Banned from the National Association of Broadcasters Since 2002

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April 28, 2006, 12:30 pm
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hey people. so i’ve been posting some media justice and democracy related theories and rants over at my fun proprietary friendster blog, filled with ads. but i thought i’d start a blog over here so no one is forced to guess if some person’s legs belong to j. lo or angelina jolie in order to win a free ipod.

i’m an organizer at the prometheus radio project, a grassroots group that builds community radio stations around the world. i was hired specifically to build relationships between prometheus and other organizations that either wanted community radio stations or could be effective political allies as we helped to fight for more of them in the united states. what this has led to is me having a quick-and-crappy understanding of a number of community media issues, and some pretty strong connections to community organizations around the country and some of the most prominent national and grassroots reform organizations fighting on media issues.

for a bunch of ‘communicators’ we do a very poor job of sharing the strong anecdotal evidence of the problems we see every day, the problems that make the people we work with fight so hard for their own media systems. so i’m going to use this blog to share some of those stories. if people in our own movement are telling us that we need to prove to funders, to the policy jerks in DC, and to ourselves that community radio is a matter of life or death from immokalee, florida to chicago, illinois — then maybe we can do a little bit of that proving with these pervasive tools we have in front of us all the time as advocates — these laptops and recorders and phone lines. that will make us a little more worthy of our paychecks and the attention we get, yeah?

okay. stay tuned. check out my older posts on friendster. wicked awesome