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Heh — Home From Memphis but Off to Kenya Right Now!
January 15, 2007, 8:40 pm
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I had lots of plans to write up my thoughts on the National Conference for Media Reform, the incredible foundation of work that activists who attended are building there. Then I wanted to talk about the intersection between grassroots, social-justice inspired organizing for media policy change and the very different policy world that the thousands upon thousands of folks will bring to the World Social Forum next week, and how excited and humbled I felt to be bringing what I know to share and mash up with what media makers from Cameroon, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, and beyond will be bringing. But I’m out of time — at least I’m packed, teeming to the brink with transmitters, soldering irons, organizing documents, and even a few clothes.

Onyango Oloo, a lead coordinator of the Forum and of the new and growing Kenyan Independent Media Center, wrote this — and it captures the reason I’m excited to go to Kenya —


“Unlike other international gatherings, we will not attempt to sanitize underdevelopment or criminalize poverty in Kenya by locking up all the street kids, beggars, hookers or carting off other members of society who are on the margins of the Kenyan neo-colonial periphery, locked out from sustainable development and denied a chance of thriving; there will be no attempt to stifle those vocal voices of protests who yearn for a Kenya and an Africa that is peaceful, democratic, progressive and prosperous.”

I hope our conversations at the Kenyan Independent Media Center Convergence are alsu unsanitized, and unsanitary, and teeming with methods, plans, and tools to help the world speak.

Shall try to post from Nairobi and from our second stage of our radio production and education trip, in Kisumu, on the west side of the country, on Lake Victoria. If you need to reach me, get my cell phone number in Kenya from the folks at the Prometheus Radio Project. Much love to you all!


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